Operations and Information Management

Who We Are

Akytech Consulting LLC is a SBA 8(a) and Economically Disadvantaged Women-Owned Small Business (EDWOSB)

Today, every modern business operate through complex systems and processes. A rapid change in the technology has enabled businesses to achieve world class standards in operations and information technology anywhere. However, management of such complex systems has complications of its own.

Strategic, scientific, and information-based approach is critical for a business’s effective operations and information management, as well as to enhance productivity, and quality.

At Akytech, we have a team of qualified professionals, who effectively utilize technology to manage the information flow in complex systems of businesses. Our seasoned experts have inclusive knowledge of risk management, business analytics, and decision making processes. In addition, our experts are experienced in managing information systems and technologies required for operations and information management for a successful business.

Our professionals also have the skills, experience and knowledge to develop and implement strategies to match an organization’s needs and improve overall productivity.

Our Operations and Information Management services include –

  • Production and Operations Management
  • Statistics/Decision Analysis
  • Information Technology Systems Management
  • Strategy development for efficient operations
  • Process improvement
  • Direction and support with complex systems and processes

We can help you manage your business’s intricate systems and information assets to make the most of your resources.

Need help with your business’s operations and information management? Akytech is here to help you.

Akytech uses CMMI-appraised processes bring a mature, structured approach based on a framework that analyzes all components of an organization. Using this approach and years of experience in the arena, our team of special consultants implement their plans and ensure that business process are streamlined, and enhanced.

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