Human Capital Consulting

Organizational Change Management

Akytech’s change management services are designed to enable our clients to accomplish organizational excellence. We use a well-structured approach to transform organizations to enhance overall business performance, decrease dissatisfaction, and achieve a better outlook. Our ultimate goal is to develop a new organizational structure, work processes, and culture to prepare businesses for unforeseen and unexpected challenges. 

Our process includes the following phases: 

  • Organizational Assessment: Our team performs an organizational assessment to understand and evaluate its current performance against its goals. We perform organizational assessment through interviews, observations, and structured meetings. 
  • Gap Analysis: Our team performs a gap analysis to identify the gaps in the capabilities of an organization. Our team of specialists’ discoveries in the gap analysis recommends ways to fill those gaps and maximize profitability. 
  • Communication: Akytech understands the importance of constant and consistent communication in organizational transformation. Lack of communication planning can create panic and cause staff to think about the loss of status, security, comfort, power, or employment. To eliminate staff uncertainties, our team will define the mode and frequency of communication during and after the transformation process. 
  • Execute the Change Plan: We have a proven track record for implementing specific changes with speed and agility. Our teams ensure that the implementation is successful and meets the desired outcomes. We also provide the required training to ensure that the employees perform their roles well and make most of the available benefits. 

Workforce Planning and Analytics

Gone are the days when workforce planning was an annual headcount action, as it has emerged as a strategic and predictive practice. Workforce planning and analysis allow organizations to anticipate and prepare for future requirements using data from multiple sources and predictive analytics. On the other hand, it also gives businesses the privilege to enjoy maximizing retention, engagement, and productivity. 

At Akytech, we use our years of industry experience and a wide range of tools to help our clients ensure the right workforce in terms of skills, size, location, and cost. We are a workforce planning and analytics leader with experience serving various government agencies with similar requirements. Our team uses established tools, methodologies, and data management protocols to define critical workforce needs, issues, gaps, and surpluses. 

Our workforce planner and analysts work with the stakeholders to articulate a plan for the future that includes a strategic hiring plan and revamping existing staff. We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach, which is why we always tailor our recommendations and solutions based on the unique needs of our clients. Our eventual goal is to help our clients build a successful talent foundation to excel. 

Why Invest in Workforce Planning and Analytics? 

  • To be proactive about workforce planning and analysis 
  • To identify and address problems and risks 
  • Automate certain processes for enhanced output 
  • Recruit, retain, and connect with talent in an organized manner 
  • To get strategic insights into business essentials 
  • To quantity the gaps and risks in talent supply and demand 

Learning and Development

Employees’ training is a vital part of any organization that wants to stay on top of the market and clients’ needs. However, managing training for all employees in multinational organizations, including those working in different time zones and geographical areas, can be complex. The most common approach, instructor-based training, is inefficient in such situations. For multinational organizations, e-learning is the right way to go about it, with access to training material anywhere, anytime. 

At Akytech, we can help you manage training for your employees with inclusive e-learning design and development services. We serve organizations from both the private and public sectors. Our customized e-learning programs are designed to meet the specific needs and objectives of the different organizations. 

Our professional uses the P-ADDIE model to create performance-based training. With our Planning, Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, and Evaluation (P-ADDIE) Model, we develop engaging and effective training programs to ensure learners acquire the knowledge and skills required for their job performance and stay on top of the industry requirements. 

We have designed and developed e-learning programs for many learners/employees working in different time zones and locations. We create training content, which is ready to be used anytime, and anywhere across the globe. We support e-learning implementers to ensure proper implementation and troubleshooting too. 

Strategic Communications

We help Government leaders address their most complex and business critical issues that require diverse communications skill sets and integrated disciplines. Our goal is to help you engage stakeholders and ensure that the right message reaches the right audience at the right time. Our experts make recommendations for message and information development, selection of communication methods, and scheduling of messages. They develop messages based on the target audience. They research, write, edit, and publish communications products.

DE&I Consulting

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) is becoming increasingly important to success of your organization. As we become more interconnected and reliant on a broad spectrum of clients and partners for business, developing the right leaders, with the capabilities to improve work performance and drive sustainable growth is critical. Through consulting and our various Leadership and DEI assessment tools, our diversity, equity and inclusion consultants help organizations harness their capability and talent management strategy.

  • We do this by ensuring you have the right people, with the key skill sets in the right roles doing work that drives your organizational performance.
  • We work with you to identify which assessments make sense for your organization, and how we can use the information to increase employee engagement and motivation.
  • We work on strategies that develop a greater employee experience, belonging and inclusion.

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