Technology Training

Akytech is well versed on the disciplined development and delivery of training programs for both IT professionals and end-users. We have a training process in place to quickly and efficiently onboard new personnel in the processes, procedures, software tools and environments, and system parameters specific to each individual’s role. Our comprehensive training approach includes a strong emphasis on the following elements: competency, system literacy, and proficiency, role-based blended learning curricula, design engaging learning experiences, training metrics, customer support, knowledge transfer and evaluation.

To keep team members current on technical skills and expand their skill sets, we establish and track employee progress against their training and individual development plans. We train all new team members in our best practices to foster an integrated, innovative, and engaged team. We have partnerships with external vendors for professional training that directly benefits employees in their job functions, in turn benefiting organizations. Our Process Action Teams (PATs) and Subject Matter Expert (SME) groups provide additional avenues for individuals to exchange expertise and build experience with innovations based on each role’s needs.

Training Formats

Our training formats include one-on-one sessions, classroom training, train-the-trainer sessions, and a variety of online and virtual training packages, such as LiveMeeting, Microsoft Lync, and Adobe Captivate. To spur continuous improvement, we conduct individual training evaluations, overall training program evaluations, and extensive analyses of the data collected. We tailor the training to suit both large and small audiences, using a variety of multimedia delivery methods both in person and via teleconference. We deliver webinars, classroom workshops and training videos followed by question and answer sessions. Each of our training sessions is evaluated by the participants allowing our team to continuously refine and improve our training workshops and web sessions.

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