System Integration

In a rapidly evolving business and technical environment businesses have IT systems from the legacy age and the modern age. However, IT systems of a business must communicate with IT systems of numerous other businesses to provide its users with swift response and solutions. A swift response is only possible if IT systems in a business are integrated within and integrated with systems in the outside world. It is a huge challenge and risk which requires help from a professional of the industry like us.

Akytech has proven expertise and experience in providing unmatched System Integration (SI) services to multiple federal agencies. Over the years our team has successfully integrated IT systems within the different divisions of these agencies and with systems outside their division. We have an impeccable reputation for delivering system integration solutions that are robust and scalable. We have a team of certified system integration professionals who have provided SI services using advanced tools and technology. Our team has expertise and experience in many tools including Microsoft BizTalk 2016 Server, Mulesoft and Tibco Businessworks.

Our team uses Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) for integration. At its core, SOA promotes loose coupling, flexibility and reusability that tightly coupled architecture cannot provide. The term “loose coupling” refers to a separation of concerns. This means changes in one system don’t directly impact changes in another system; each system is only concerned with its own function.

At first glance, the SOA approach appears to require more work. However, there are two major payoffs of the service-oriented architecture approach.


The client system doesn’t have to be compatible with the message format a requesting system generates.

Ease of switching systems

The loosely coupled nature of this architecture makes switching systems much easier and cost-effective than if all connections were hardwired to the client system.

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