In the field of Technology Solutions and Services, Akytech has a stellar reputation, years of experience, and a wide customer base gained through inclusive services. Our clients rely on us for impeccable and comprehensive technology services. Over the years, we have served many clients with custom solutions to meet their unique business requirements and preferences.

We have a team of trained and skilled professionals, who specialize in their fields. Our team works with organizations to understand their needs and evaluate the potential risks. Then, we create a custom plan to develop solutions that meet all those requirements in an affordable and reliable manner.

Whether it is application development or infrastructure management, you can count Akytech to be your trusted partner for tailored and cost effective technology solutions.

We offer a wide range of technology services including:

Application Development

Over the years Akytech has earned an impeccable reputation for providing top-notch software development, maintenance, sustainment, enhancements, and integration services to its clients. Our team designs, develops, tests, implements, support and maintains systems.

At Akytech, we follow CMMI Level 3 processes for development and deployment, with proven tools and methodologies. We employ a comprehensive framework for verification and validation. We have proven experience in developing an application from scratch starting from requirements analysis to implementation. We provide our clients with full SDLC services, business analysis services, architecture services, or testing services customized based on their needs. Our technical team has extensive domain experience and understands client’s application requirements thoroughly. We develop and implement user-focused, high-value customized solutions that address the important business needs of our clients such as growing market share, optimizing operational costs, enhancing customer service, modernizing business processes, re-engineering aging systems, or any other mission critical needs.

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System Integration

In a rapidly evolving business and technical environment businesses have IT systems from the legacy age and the modern age. However, IT systems of a business must communicate with IT systems of numerous other businesses to provide its users with swift response and solutions. A swift response is only possible if IT systems in a business are integrated within and integrated with systems in the outside world. It is a huge challenge and risk which requires help from a professional of the industry like us.

Akytech has proven expertise and experience in providing unmatched System Integration (SI) services to multiple federal agencies. Over the years our team has successfully integrated IT systems within the different divisions of these agencies and with systems outside their division. We have an impeccable reputation for delivering system integration solutions that are robust and scalable. We have a team of certified system integration professionals who have provided SI services using advanced tools and technology. Our team has expertise and experience in many tools including Microsoft BizTalk 2016 Server, Mulesoft and Tibco Businessworks.

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Information Assurance

Akytech has successfully provided Information Assurance (IA) services and support to several federal clients. We follow an organized and proven Information Assurance (IA) and security response process based on the Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA), NIST, and DIACAP protocols. We implement and validate security controls as an important part of each stage of the project lifecycle. We analyze the IA requirements and develop/contribute to system security architecture to include detailed security design, configuration and implementation (hardware, software) hardening, and the dynamic threat risk matrix from ongoing vulnerability assessments.

We pay rigorous and continuous attention to security of the systems we manage to meet the security target requirements and IA controls set by the organization. Our compliance, governance, and risk management approach proactively identifies and eliminates threats and vulnerabilities, continuously ensures alignment, minimizes program cost, and prevents security breaches.

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Certification and Accreditation

Akytech Consulting has a demonstrated track record of assisting federal agencies with all phases of their certification and accreditation (C&A) planning and implementation to comply with all government regulations and guidance. To build long-term relationships with our clients, we focus on reliability, timeliness, performance, safety, and suitability for the intended end-use. We bring extensive knowledge and experience w.r.t Certification and Accreditation (C&A) processes for Federal information systems. We are well versed in all DoD security guidelines.

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Infrastructure Management

Managing IT infrastructure has become extremely complicated and resource intensive considering the rising platform diversity in current technology environment. IT deployments fail because organizations grow quicker than the infrastructure can gauge. At Akytech we understand the importance of a sophisticated IT infrastructure, as always-available mode is just not good enough to meet the client’s expectations. Our team can help you streamline your infrastructure management needs by providing the required flexibility and manage your rapidly increasing enterprise IT environment.

Akytech has installed and maintained infrastructure for many federal agencies. We have a proven track record for delivering IT infrastructure support solutions that are flexible and scalable. We have a team of professionals who constantly monitor IT infrastructure using advanced tools and technology.  Our team of skilled professionals bring deep operations, facility, network, and telecom support expertise. Our enriched experience in managing hybrid infrastructure environments gives us the privilege to deliver top-notch IT platforms, to run and provide a quality experience to multiple users in the eco-systems of an organization.

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Technology Training

Akytech is well versed on the disciplined development and delivery of training programs for both IT professionals and end-users. We have a training process in place to quickly and efficiently onboard new personnel in the processes, procedures, software tools and environments, and system parameters specific to each individual’s role. Our comprehensive training approach includes a strong emphasis on the following elements: competency, system literacy, and proficiency, role-based blended learning curricula, design engaging learning experiences, training metrics, customer support, knowledge transfer and evaluation.

To keep team members current on technical skills and expand their skill sets, we establish and track employee progress against their training and individual development plans. We train all new team members in our best practices to foster an integrated, innovative, and engaged team. We have partnerships with external vendors for professional training that directly benefits employees in their job functions, in turn benefiting organizations. Our Process Action Teams (PATs) and Subject Matter Expert (SME) groups provide additional avenues for individuals to exchange expertise and build experience with innovations based on each role’s needs.

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Help Desk

Akytech’s help and support services offer much more than a typical helpdesk. We offer customized IT help and service desk services for Federal Government agencies of all sizes that need a full- or part-time support desk, or customer service desk. Our helpdesk support is based on Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) service management principles. We have a proven track record of providing successful support as the first line of response to user issues, incident reports, and troubleshooting requests.

We maintain a fully staffed Tier 1-3 Help Desk offering phone, email, and web-based support. Our Help desk services team includes certified customer service and support specialists, software trainers, IT specialists and engineers with diverse backgrounds required to provide the required support.

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