Akytech provides a broad spectrum of program management and project management support services to its customers. We have utilized our industry models, best practices, and established program management processes to successfully meet the requirements of a variety of large complex programs.

Akytech is staffed with certified project managers to manage the project, implement project plan, and mentor team on site or offsite. Our program management methodology applies a holistic, pragmatic, and integrated approach and associated procedures. It includes a multi-functional Program Management Office (PMO) organized to foster discipline, manage expectations (upward and downward), create transparency, and manage risks. What’s more, it provides the tools, processes and metrics that can enable an effective and productive program and project work environment.

Regardless of whether you have a short-term project and need project managers, or a long-term project requiring a full needs assessment, project scoping, PMO integration, and talent delivery, we can provide assets you need for your project-based endeavors. While keeping focus on time, scope, and budget, we offer scalable project development and deployment through:

Project Teams: Years of workforce expertise enable us to provide scalable project-based teams

Project Management: We utilize best-in-class methodology, while keeping a constant eye on quality of service, and overall business objectives.

PMO Integration: Our Program Management Office (PMO) support includes providing liaison work for internal and external stakeholders, assessing gaps, developing a customized PMO platform for your organization, and managing the entire program until maturity.

SOW-based Services: Our experienced team develop and properly manage SOW-based initiatives.

We develop a Project Management Plan (PMP) to guide all objectives of the program, keeping in mind factors critical to success. Key components of the PMP are:

Program Management

  • Tasks, methods, schedule, resources, and WBS to achieve SOW objectives
  • Process for problem and issue tracking, resolution, and escalation

Transition Management

Description of all programmatic and technical transition activities

Cost Management

Methods of cost estimation, budgeting, and control thresholds, EV rules

Configuration Management

Process of evaluating, proposing, and managing changes to each configuration item

Measurement & Analysis

Specific measurements to be collected, their frequency, and their responsibility

Schedule Management

Activity definition/sequencing, resource and duration estimation, change control

Risk Management

Processes for identification and prioritization of risks, mitigation strategies


Communication requirements, roles, responsibilities, means, frequency, and contents