Manpower Planning is a practice of putting right number of people at the right place, at the right time to do the right things. This process is critically important in the efficient management of personnel in an organization. Akytech follows a two-phased manpower planning process that includes analysis of current human resources and future manpower forecasting to meet the requirements of its customers. We have a team of professionals who are certified and technologically equipped to put the right number and type of personnel in the given time-frame.

The manpower planning practice is an ongoing effort that requires a set of procedures. At Akytech, our Manpower Planning process includes the following:

Analysis of the current manpower inventory

Our special team of analysts will assess the current status of manpower in the organization by gathering information about the skills, competencies, and abilities. We perform thorough analysis to make informed and dependable forecasts about the manpower requirements of the organization.

Constructing future manpower projections

We use a variety of methods to perform forecasting to make future predictions in regards to the manpower requirements of the organization. Some of these methods are inputs from experts, past trends, and statics, analysis of workload in every
department, etc.

Performing gap analysis

We perform a gap analysis to equate the existing status of manpower and the anticipated requirements. The gap analysis enables us to understand the particular number of resources required and how we will perform the restructuring process.

Strategy development

We develop a strategy to establish a program that includes the implementation of outcomes of our gap analysis. It helps the Human Resources (HR) department to training programs that are required to enhance skills and performance of the manpower.