Strategic talent sourcing has become more important than ever. Strategic talent sourcing is a process of proactively searching and connecting with qualified talent to meet current or future requirements of an organization.  Akytech has provided strategic talent sourcing to numerous government agencies using a variety of recruiting methods. Our talent sourcing strategies are designed to develop a sustainable and planned recruitment instead of just filling the vacancies.

Why Choose Us?

We Define the Targeted Talent – Our talent sourcing specialists use their years of experience to identify and define the type of talent an organization is looking to source and recruit. We define the targeted talent based on a number of factors such as skill set, labor categories, academic backgrounds, experience, etc. It is one of the key aspects of our strategic talent sourcing, as it makes the job easier and organized.

We know how to Source – Akytech makes full use of the available technology and uses an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to maintain a database of candidates that includes personnel qualifications and skill sets, labor categories, and availability dates across engagements. Our ATS lets us control the entire recruiting lifecycle. If we do not readily have a candidate available, we perform external recruiting activities, including publicizing the vacancy across our team to solicit referrals from our employees. We post targeted ads on industry sites like Dice, Indeed, LinkedIn, Monster, Clearance Jobs, and others. We also participate in industry groups in relevant technical and process areas to connect with talent.

Defined Checkpoints and Thorough Analysis– We have a special team of professionals to review and enhance the effectiveness of the developed talent sourcing strategies at specific points. We define checkpoints where our team reviews the progress and ensures that all the requirements are met. Before implementing any sourcing strategy, we perform a thorough analysis to understand and evaluate the impact of final strategies.