Akytech’s Organizational Transformation (OT) services are designed to enable its clients accomplish organizational excellence. We use a well-structured approach to transform organizations in order to enhance overall business performance, decrease dissatisfaction, and achieve better outlook. Our ultimate goal is to develop new organization structure, work processes, and culture to keep businesses ready for both the foreseen and unexpected challenges.

Our Organizational Transformation process includes the following:

Organizational Assessment

Our team starts the OT process with an organizational assessment in order to understand and evaluate the current performance of the business against its goals. We perform organizational assessment through interviews, observations, and structured meetings.

Gap Analysis

Our team performs a gap analysis to identify the gaps in capabilities of an organization. Based on discoveries in the gap analysis, our team of specialists recommend ways to fill those gaps and maximize the profitability.


Akytech understands the importance of constant and consistent communication in the organizational transformation. Lack of communication planning can create panic and may cause staff to think about loss of status, security, comfort, power, or employment. Our team will define mode and frequency of communication during and after the transformation process to eliminate uncertainties of the staff.

Execute the Change Plan

We have a proven track record for implementing the specific changes with speed and agility. Our teams ensures that the implementation is successful and meets with the desired outcomes. We also provide the required training to ensure that the employees are trained to perform their roles well and make most of the available benefits.