Employees’ training is a vital part of any organization that wants to stay on top of the market and clients’ needs. However, in multinational organizations, managing training for all employees, including the ones working in different time zones and geographical areas, can be complex. Instructor based training, which is the most common approach, is not very efficient in such situations. For multinational organizations, e-learning is the right way to go about it with access to training material anywhere, anytime.

At Akytech, we can help you manage training for your employees with inclusive e-learning design and development services. We serve organizations from both private and public sectors. Our custom made e-learning programs are designed to meet specific needs and objectives of the different organizations.

Our team of experienced professionals use the P-ADDIE Model to create performance-based training. With our Planning, Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, and Evaluation (P-ADDIE) Model, we develop engaging and effective training programs to ensure learners acquire the knowledge, and skills required for their job performance as well as to stay on top of the industry requirements.

We begin with planning based on client’s expectations and scope. Through in-depth analysis, we define organization’s learning objectives, culture, business requirements, market needs and target skills. Based on the comprehensive results of our analysis, we design a program that suits those learning requirements adeptly with proper instructional strategies. In the next step, we develop content accordingly. Implementation is the process where we deliver the course material. Furthermore, we evaluate the efficiency of the program as well as of development process.

We have designed and developed e-learning programs for a large numbers of learners/employees working in different time zones. We create training content, which is ready to be used anytime, and anywhere across the globe. We support e-learning implementers to ensure proper implementation and troubleshooting too.