Employees are the biggest asset of any organization and investing in this asset is the only way to achieve success. Human capital management is essential to maximize business value and increase productivity. Akytech offers human capital related services for clients with a custom approach for each project. We aim to help clients create a winning team of employees with assessment, planning, development and implementation of appropriate strategies.
At Akytech, we have the tools, resources and a team needed to accomplish organizations’ business requirements. We help clients transform organizations, plan workforce, recruit skilled candidates and evolve through learning. We are determined to help clients with planning, development and management of their human capital approach.

Our Human Capital services include:

Workforce Planning and Analytics

Gone are the days when workforce planning and analysis used be an annual headcount action, as it has emerged as a strategic and predictive practice. Workforce planning and analysis gives organizations the opportunity to anticipate and prepare for future requirements using data from multiple sources and predictive analytics. On the other hand, it also gives businesses the privilege to enjoy maximize retention, engagement, and productivity.

At Akytech, we use our years of industry experience and a wide range of tools to help our clients ensure right workforce in terms of skills, size, location, and cost.  We are a well-known leader in workforce planning and analytics with experience of serving various Government agencies with similar requirements. Our team uses established tools, methodologies, and data management protocols to define critical workforce needs, issues, gaps and surpluses.

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Learning and Development

Employees’ training is a vital part of any organization that wants to stay on top of the market and clients’ needs. However, in multinational organizations, managing training for all employees, including the ones working in different time zones and geographical areas, can be complex. Instructor based training, which is the most common approach, is not very efficient in such situations. For multinational organizations, e-learning is the right way to go about it with access to training material anywhere, anytime.

At Akytech, we can help you manage training for your employees with inclusive e-learning design and development services. We serve organizations from both private and public sectors. Our custom made e-learning programs are designed to meet specific needs and objectives of the different organizations.

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Organizational Transformation

Akytech’s Organizational Transformation (OT) services are designed to enable its clients accomplish organizational excellence. We use a well-structured approach to transform organizations in order to enhance overall business performance, decrease dissatisfaction, and achieve better outlook. Our ultimate goal is to develop new organization structure, work processes, and culture to keep businesses ready for both the foreseen and unexpected challenges.

Our Organizational Transformation process includes the following-

  • Organizational Assessment
  • Gap Analysis
  • Communication
  • Execute the Change Plan

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Placement Services

Strategic talent sourcing has become more important than ever. Strategic talent sourcing is a process of proactively searching and connecting with qualified talent to meet current or future requirements of an organization.  Akytech has provided strategic talent sourcing to numerous government agencies using a variety of recruiting methods. Our talent sourcing strategies are designed to develop a sustainable and planned recruitment instead of just filling the vacancies.

Why Choose Us?

We Define the Targeted Talent – Our talent sourcing specialists use their years of experience to identify and define the type of talent an organization is looking to source and recruit. We define the targeted talent based on a number of factors such as skill set, labor categories, academic backgrounds, experience, etc. It is one of the key aspects of our strategic talent sourcing, as it makes the job easier and organized.

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HR Transformation

In the rapidly changing global environment, HR professionals need to match with the pace of growing competition and put their best foot forward to face the challenges of the future. HR being an essential part of every organization needs to manage their operations efficiently in order to deliver bottom-line results.

At Akytech we have organizations benefit from the human resources through top-notch HR transformation services has brought Akytech into the limelight. We are different from others and we have proved it by successfully helping a number of federal agencies using our extensive knowledge and experience. We have assisted these agencies overcome obstacles like reorganizations, M&A, talent shortages, budget pressures, employee demands, and disruptive new technologies and made them enjoy benefits of lower costs, greater productivity, and higher-quality work and processes.

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Shared Services

Use of shared services has become increasingly popular among organizations as a way of organizing their HR activities. The shared services model enables businesses reduce cost, accommodate growth, and enhance service. There can be a number of activities in shared services that can include mainly administrative tasks (payroll changes, relocation services, recruitment administration, benefits administration, company car provision, pension’s administration, etc.)

At Akytech, we provide complete HR Shared Services to our client’s through the entire life cycle of shared services, from conception to implementation. We have a team of professionals with years of experience and special expertise on the latest trends with shared services. We can provide you the required assistance on redesigning your current HR strategy, processes, and other need associated with technology enhancement. We are highly regarded in the industry for providing top-notch and cost-efficient HR shared services to our clients.

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