Akytech recognizes the importance of social responsibility and commits to policies, practices and initiatives that promote environmental well-being with a positive impact to our customers, employees, partners and most importantly the community at large. We promote transparency and honesty in our actions and strive to conduct business in a way that is ethical and impactful.

We are a small business that wants to have a big impact!  The activities that we are focused on include partnership with local communities on key initiatives, socially sensitive investments when and where possible, developing relationships with our employees, customers and their families to engage them in activities that drive environmental conservation and sustainability.

The following are some immediate examples of where ACL is currently working to establish relationships in support of key causes that we believe in deeply.

  • United Services Organization
  • Key Women’s Initiatives
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Washington, DC Local Community Service Programs
  • Wounded Warrior Programs/Games